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Session 3- Winterhaven Happenings
What the Deuce is going on?

The main party went to Winterhaven with Galwik Goldspinner, joining up with Smokey Garcia, who was already a part of Galwik’s caravan. (With his day off in Fallcrest Smokey Garcia invented a new game called “Baskit-ball” and taught it to the townspeople.)

However, when the party got ready to leave Fallcrest, they found out that Thin Mint could not wake up. So, they loaded him up and went on their way.

As they passed through the hilly region known as the Gardbury Downs they were ambushed by a pack of kobolds. Smokey Garcia showed that he is no joke in combat as he alone slew 7-8 of the reptilian attackers. Thin Mint woke up during the battle and rushed in to help the crew finish off their assailants.

When the party finally arrived in Winterhaven Galwiktold them that they could go on their way and he would let them know when it was time to leave. Gimlow immediately went to work trying to uncover the existence of a death cult in Winterhaven speaking with Bairwin Wildarson and meeting Ernest Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, in Wrafton’s Inn. Everyone the party talks to has no idea about a death cult, and many react with surprise and contempt that they would suggest such a thing. Lord Padraig does know of a Kobold encampment to the Southeast of Winterhaven, however, and he offers to pay the party if they take it out. He also mentions an old keep north of town that could house the roving bands of kobolds but says that no one has been up there for years.

Just before the party goes to sleep at the Inn for the evening an elf hunter named Ninaran pulls Gimlow outside and tells him that she is thankful that the party is investigating the death cult. Ninaran tells the party that the whole town is in the cult and that she sees them leaving the town in a trance, heading southeast. She claims that they are in league with the Kobolds. Upon hearing this information the party decides to investigate this encampment southeast of town.

However, Thin Mint takes this time to tell the party about his extremely long 3 day slumber that began in Fallcrest. Thin Mint weaves a horrifying tale of being trapped in a cage, held prisoner by 35 werewolves. The party reacts with scorn and disbelief but Thin Mint is adamant about what he saw.

The next day the party heads southeast to the Kobold lair, dispatching the guards without much trouble and banging out an epic victory over those guarding the interior of the cave. The leader of these Kobolds turns out to be a dual-wielding Goblin named Irontooth, the same goblin that was referenced in the letter that had been sent to the White Dragon near Fallcrest. After defeating Irontooth the party finds a letter written to him from someone names Kalarel that says:

“My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors
to the area. It probably does not matter. In a few more days,
I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will
serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.”

Gimlow notes that Kalarel is the individual that Norlamin sent him to investigate in Winterhaven as he is the twisted priest who is supposed to be leading the death cult.

At this time the party is resting in the cave. When they wake up questions will remain. What do Thin Mint’s dreams mean? Where is this death cult and who is involved? How are the kobolds near Fallcrest and Winterhaven connected with the death cult?

Session 2
Fallcrest Happenings

After helping revive Thin Mint and receiving his treasure Gimlow decides to head back to his mountain home. However, he is intercepted by Norlamin, a fellow worshiper of Bahamut, at the town gate. Norlamin convinces Gimlow to return with him to the House of the Sun in order to discuss a concern that Bahamut has laid upon Norlamin’s heart.

It seems that Marla the Great, the Pelorian cleric who runs the House of the Sun, has been investigating reports of cult activity in the Nentir Vale. She has come across reports of death cultists being spotted near the town of Winterhaven, a small village in the northwestern part of the Vale. Norlamin wishes to investigate these reports, as the presence of a cult leads to injustice, a great disgrace to Bahamut. However, as he is the only priest of Bahamut in Fallcrest he is unable to leave his post. So, he asks Gimlow to investigate on his behalf and Gimlow grudgingly agrees with the condition that he needs military protection. Norlamin suggests that he get the same folks who helped him subdue the kobolds and offers to summon Gimlow’s companions to the House of the Sun.

Meanwhile, Kayleth and Thin Mint return to Nimozaran the Green’s tower in order to see what he has discovered about the items that they left with him previously. Nimozaran the Green did find a secret compartment in the treasure chest that contained a note indicating a possible alliance between the slain white dragon and a goblin named Irontooth. The goblin Irontooth is operating around or in Winterhaven and apparently the dragon was supposed to be mounting an attack on Fallcrest at some time or another. Nimozaran the Green suggests that if goblins are involved it means that orcs could possibly be involved as well…maybe even the Bloodspear tribe that ran rampant over the Nentir Vale some 24 years ago.

After their visit with Nimozaran the Green, Kayleth and Thin Mint travel towards the shop of their friend, Teldorthan Ironhews. Along the way they meet a dwarven trader from Hammerfast, Galwik Goldspinner. This jovial, boisterous man explains that he is on his way to Winterhaven to pick up some goods and Kayleth, eager for any chance to get closer to orcs, volunteers to go with him and help protect his caravan. As they are marching to Teldorthan’s Arms Thin Mint is accosted by his 4 Pelorian accusers and forced to go with them to the House of the Sun. (Little did he know, they were merely taking him on Norlamin’s request.)

When Kayleth gets to Teldorthan’s Arms, Teldorthan Ironhews greets them all and then retreats for a half hour with his good friend Galwik Goldspinner to talk business. After his talk Teldorthan talks to Kayleth and warns her to be careful on her trip to Winterhaven and to look out for his old friend Galwik. He hints that Galwik may have gotten himself into more than he can handle. After this, however, the dwarf returns to his normal self and invites Kayleth for dinner.

Meanwhile, Thin Mint and Gimlow strike up a deal with Amara Azear of House Azear to smuggle her goods past the Swiftfoot Halflings, who have monopolized the warehouses at the docks and are gouging shopkeepers with outrageous prices. As they are doing this deed Kayleth gets back together with them on her way back to the Nentir Inn and helps them finish the job.

The next day the party befriends some homeless bums and goes about helping them, ministering to their needs, and baptizing them into Bahamut’s church (Gimlow is largely responsible for this). However, some angry Swiftfoots catch up to them and make them pay for the goods they smuggled for House Azear. After this, the party returns to the inn to wait for Galwik Goldspinner’s arrival the next day at 2:00pm sharp.

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The Story Begins….
Three unlikely characters from different backgrounds met up in Fallcrest to begin a quest to the Cloak Woods, looking for Kobolds and trying to unlock the secret to their power!

Gimlow is a dwarf Cleric of Bahamut who lives alone in the mountains. One day he is approached by a messenger with a request to travel to Fallcrest to assist the city. Once there, he speaks with Nimozaran the Green (high mage of Emerald Tower, also known as Nemo) to investigate the kobold attacks on caravans outside of the town. Nemo feels that the kobolds were attacking in a much more organized fashion than normal. He also believes that there must be a secret power behind their skills. Nemo requested Gimlow because Gimlow “thinks outside of the box.” Nemo’s apprentice is Tobolar Quickfoot, who has shown himself to be somewhat of an alcoholic.

Thin Mint is a minotaur who was attacked by kobolds outside his beloved Cloak Woods. When he comes-to, he finds himself face-to-face with a member of the Fallcrest Town Guard who asks him questions about the kobolds. After he takes hallucinogenic mushrooms to calm himself, Thin Mint also speaks with Faren Markelhay, the mayor of Fallcrest. All he wants to do is go back to his Cloak Woods but the mayor convinces him to help clear the kobolds out of the forest for a fee.

Kayleth is an elf looking for answers. She runs into Teldorthan Ironhews at the Ruins of Fastormel. Teldorthan is looking for a dragon breast plate which has been stolen from one of his caravans by kobolds. Kayleth offers to travel to Fallcrest to talk with Teldorathan’s son, Timmy Ironhews, and gather some recruits for a search of Cloak Woods.

The mayor tells some worshipers of Pelor about Thin Mint‘s mushroom madness. While Thin Mint and Kayleth are soaking in a hot tub outside of the Nentir Inn, three Paladins and one Cleric of Pelor ransack Thin Mint’s room in search of the mushrooms. Gimlow witnesses this ransacking and questions the rash action of the worshipers of Pelor, leading them to assume that he is in league with Thin Mint. Thus begins a mad-dash to the city limits and onto Cloak Woods.

Once in Cloak Woods, the characters come across a manor, which is believed to be the hide-out for the kobolds. After inspecting some of the manor, Thin Mint suggests the adventurers burn it down. It doesn’t take the adventurers long to realize that the forest is burning along with the manor. The three start running away from the manor. Each group member receives a warning from a white dragon in their minds, requesting them to turn around. Because of Gimlow‘s religious beliefs, he travels back to the manor, where he witnesses a large dragon blocking out the sun and causing a short-lived magic ice storm, that puts out the fire. Thin Mint and Kayleth come to the clearing after they see the fire has been put out, and they decide to search more of the manor. They travel down two levels and fight their way through many kobold-filled passages until they come to a white dragon’s lair. Thin Mint mounts a valiant charge while exhausted and bleeding, sacrificing himself to defeat the dragon. Gimlow and Kayleth grab Thin Mint‘s body to transport him back to Nemo, along with the dragon’s hide and a treasure chest.

Nemo opens the treasure chest for the characters, and inside is gold, the dragon breast plate for which Teldorthan was searching, a magical bow, and some residuum.

Gimlow decides that he’d like to go home and begins his walk out of town.

Thin Mint decides to go back to the Nentir Inn because he died yesterday and needs a rest.

Kayleth returns Teldorthan’s breastplate to him, requests that some dragon hide be made into armor for a friend, and also returns to the Nentir Inn.


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